Urban Catering, a top rated and reputed catering service in Toronto

When it comes to looking for the best and top rated catering services in Toronto, Urban Catering proves to be one of the most renowned and established service providers. Having been in service for over 30 years, the company has won various accolades and awards from different organizations across Canada for providing outstanding quality of service.

This Toronto catering service offers three classes of menus which include:

  • Holiday menus: The specialized catering services and menus are customized to suit the nature and mood of a holiday. The different types of holiday menus include:
  • Holiday Classics Cocktails
  • Modern Holiday Cocktails
  • Holiday Grazing
  • Holiday Charcuteries
  • Holiday Dinners
  • Holiday Buffets
  • Holiday Turkey Buffets
  • Special occasion menus: These catering services are themed to suit special occasions such as:
  • Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinners
  • Valentine’s Day Cocktail Dinners
  • Valentine’s Day Cocktail Parties
  • Mardi Gras Parties
  • Regular menus: Besides the holiday and special occasion menus, Urban Catering also offers a host of regular catering services and associated menus. These include:
  • Corporate Catering Menus
  • Dinner Menus
  • Buffet Menus
  • Barbeque Menus
  • Brunch Menus
  • Special Menus including Gluten-Free menus
  • Grazing Menus
  • Hors d’ Oeuvre Menus
  • Menus that have been featured at past events

The company offers complete end to end catering services across Ontario and the metropolitan regions around. Other than the menus and hiring of catering staff, Urban Catering also offers other related services which include:

  • Rental of equipment for gatherings
  • Consultation services for events
  • Themed décor services for events
  • Liquor permits and bar services
  • Tents, dance floor and other entertainment services
  • On site set up of entertainment
  • Exotic chef services
  • Cake catering for special occasions
  • Valet parking services

The team of caterers in Toronto at Urban Caterers consists of specialists in event catering and they prove to be the best in the service for any type of even, whether it is a small one involving only a few people such as a family event or a large corporate gathering. All the chefs and the team of caterers that are employed by the company are well mannered, dedicated, courteous and hardworking and they ensure that the event goes off smoothly and as planned.

Urban Caterers has provided its services in many featured events and also donates its services to charity. Sponsorship made by this Catering services in Toronto has exceeded 30 local charitable organizations and the company offers thousands of dollars each year in donations.

Urban Caterers is a company which is committed to staying environment friendly and in being green. The team takes utmost care to only follow the best practices in order to promote environment sustainability. The company is also making efforts to reduce the number of disposables that are used and is looking at innovative alternatives for these.

Urban Caterers also offers a free complimentary consultation quote for any type of event that requires catering in Ontario. The company is a reputed and well-known name in the field of catering services and also features a long list of major events and awards that it has been a part of.