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Former printing factory-yl manifest daily paper provides a mastermind restaurant banquet by Ecclestone leaf for post-industrial setting, client Nello Colonna, the Italian government. To the right place below, in the sand, designed by Ginaluigi Giammetta and Marco is a double-edged bold and raw on the floor to give his name. It provides an atmosphere seafood dishes ingenious glass, iron, light is savors marriage vegetables, fish, shellfish skillfully. Cooking excellence, salad artichoke of pecorino cheese and broad beans, (roulade of frog in Marsala wine sauce) saltimbocca di Lana pescatrice Arrasarusa di Marsala and couscous swordfish moscardini and (small fish) kebab,, (flounder) is included rombo. Depending on the catch the latest for fans of rice menu of sashimi, sushi, and sashimi, and changes every day.

Piazza Augusto Imperatore ,42-48.
Meals served 8:00 pm to midnight.
Until 13:00 Sunday until 3:00 pm and 12:30 am, I open Saturday.
I closed two weeks a month.

Selection, such as pecorino cheese from Fossa and Colonnata bacon like this, boasts a menu of organic pizza all with the ingredients used in the region, winds of change when it is open for business in spring, 2002 La Spizzicheria is, of Rome It drifted through the pizzeria. Revolution is packed oasis of freshness and guaranteed taste new. Sprang from the experience of food lovers’ society to protect the research shelf deil Golosi, Local cuisine, dedicated to the development, from La Spizzicheria first day. Surprises continue dessert : a wide range of ice cream is organic of 100% certified all.

La Spizzicheria
Domenico Fontana 26-28 over.
Meals served noon 7:30 pm to 3:30 pm 11:30 pm.
Regular holiday.

La Pergola is one of the best bet for a meal in a hotel in Rome. The restaurant is perched on top of Monte Mario on the top floor of the Hilton. Magnificent terrace overlooking the city pay the view breathtaking – do windows large bay windows of the dining room, such as. In winter, in (reserved for Diners and guests) American bar, terrace will be replaced in the cozy atmosphere of elegant brasserie. He served as fine tableware, works chef Heinz Beck, and sends the crowd “in the” rapture of Rome. Fritters flower soup zucchini and peppers scorpion fish squid ink, saffron and shellfish, and seasoned ravioli, in winter, cooking, including chicken breast and white truffle of Alba puree of parsley, and eggs, quail.

La Pergola (Hilton Hotel)
Through the, 101 A. Cadlolo
Meals served 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm.
Sunday, Monday, two weeks in August, restaurant service, three weeks a month.

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