The Most Popular Types of Hot Sauces

Ask any bar and grill owner, and they will all tell you the same thing. The condiment rising in popularity the most is definitely hot sauce. Don’t get me wrong, ketchup and the traditional condiments are still very popular, but increasingly more and more customers are ordering new items that experiment with southwest flavor or other hot spices. If you haven’t seen it firsthand at your local bar and grills, just look at chain restaurants like McDonald’s that are having success with their spicy hot wings and have made buffalo sauce available as a condiment. Even a recent study of the condiments market showed that there has been a 150 percent increase in the hot sauce market. That’s a lot of growth. That means there’s a lot more variety for the consumer to choose from, and it also allows some hot sauces to be much more successful than others. Some have risen ahead of the pack and are much more popular than others.

Here are a few of the most popular hot sauces:

Sriracha: This sauce has been steadily growing into a huge hit. People who like Sriracha don’t just LIKE Sriracha; they love it. Sriracha is a cult hit, even with their lack of social media status. People don’t need an official page to spread the love for Sriracha. Just searching the term “Sriracha” and you can get tweet results like “Do you have lunch with your Sriracha?” Even Subway has jumped on the Sriracha bandwagon and started offering creamy Sriracha as a condiment for their sandwiches or as a part of several specialty sandwiches.

Frank’s RedHot: This hot sauce is so popular, it was used as the primary ingredient in the first known buffalo wing recipe in 1964. If that doesn’t prove it’s worth right there, it’s over 1 million likes on Facebook might also get across the point that American’s love Frank’s RedHot.

Tabasco: This hot sauce is known internationally and sold throughout the world. This iconic bottle has remained almost exactly the same since its creation, and has appeared in many films. Many people think of Tabasco when they think of hot sauce, however other, more mild hot sauces are starting to appear in the cabinets replacing the Tabasco in many homes. Tabasco is still used largely in the south and in recipes, while other sauces are used more frequently as condiments.

Cholula: One of the true Mexican imports, this hot sauce is mainly used in the south and West coast. It is gaining popularity in the Midwest, especially among avid breakfast eaters. If you have never had Cholula, it is like a mix between Tabasco and RedHot, it has the consistency of Tabasco, but not quite the same burn as Tabasco. It is a bit milder. It also goes great with any Mexican food, obviously.

Ott’s Wing Sauce: This one is a more of just a Missouri favorite. It is definitely more of a buffalo sauce than a hot sauce, but it still has a strong following in areas where it is sold. If you ever come to Missouri, make sure you try it on some wings!

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