Nursing your Favourite Coffee Machine Back to Life

If you like to make your own coffee you will know how important it is to use the right blend, water and machine to get consistent results. It is great to get up and make the perfect cup of coffee to start your day with, but that can be difficult when your coffee maker starts to fail. This article is all about stopping that from happening and keeping an ailing coffee machine going for longer, so that you can continue to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every day.

De-fur your coffee machine regularly

The vast majority of the problems you get with an old coffee machine are related to a buildup of lime scale or other substances gumming up the works. Cleaning your coffee maker can make a huge difference and solves a lot of common problems.

You can either do it yourself of send it off to a professional to do for you. Most firms who offer coffee machine repairs also offer servicing, which includes cleaning the machine as well as checking for any issues and replacing any parts that are becoming worn.

How to clean your coffee machin

If you decide to do it yourself here is the best way to do it:

Mix white vinegar with fresh water. The mix needs to be 50% white vinegar and 50% water. If you do not have any white vinegar take a jug of water and add about a quarter of a cup of dishwasher liquid.

Fill your coffee maker with the mix and put a fresh filter into the machine. Turn the machine on and put the mixture through the normal brewing process.

Do this twice. This process will loosen any limescale build up allowing you to wash any residue away. The residue will be collected by the filter, so you can throw away all of the buildup.

Finish the cleaning process by passing plain water through your coffee machine once or twice. In addition, wash any removable parts in warm water and detergent.

Most of the time this process will get your coffee machine working again. If it does not, do not give up on your favorite coffee machine. Rather than put it in the bin go online and get a repair quote. The majority of coffee machines can easily be repaired.