Meat Free Protein Sources To Help Boost Your Diet

we all know that a balanced diet is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle. Getting a mix of all of the main food groups, and not eating too much in the way of bad fats and sugars is a great way of keeping your body in good working order. People who don’t eat meat can often find it difficult to get the same amount of protein that they would do if they could add a bit of chicken to their diet. This short guide lists some great meat free protein sources that can help you get all of this important aspect of your diet.

We need protein to help the body grow and repair itself. Protein is often dubbed the building block of the body, as it is used to help build or repair a whole range of body parts, including the hair, nails, skin, nerves and muscles according to the BBC.

Beans are good for the heart and your body too

Beans are a true super food, giving you a whole heap of protein, along with a whole variety of other minerals and vitamins, including fibre and magnesium. Naturally low in cholesterol and incredibly versatile, beans can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Beans can be bought fresh, canned or dried, and all work equally well as a protein source, which can be added to soups or salads, along with cooked in dishes such as veggie burgers, chillies and burritos.

Lentils are exceptionally versatile

Similar to beans, lentils can be used in a whole range of dishes, to add extra protein and body to the food. As well as the high protein content, giving you around 9g for half a cup of lentils, these legumes can also provide potassium, iron, folate, antioxidants and they can even help to reduce inflammation. Lentils can provide extra body for veggie burgers, as well as being made into dips and they are widely used in cooking across India, so for an authentic curry or other dishes from the sub-continent, a handful of lentils can make a big difference.

Liquid egg whites

A long standing favourite with bodybuilders and other sportspeople, egg white liquid is a fast and healthy source of protein. Given that they have been separated from the yolk, they are incredibly low fat, and can provide vast quantities of protein. The way that liquid egg whites are supplied means that whipping up a quick snack or more substantial meal using this could not be simpler. Omelettes and scrambled egg dishes are a breeze with this handy protein source. Egg white liquid is available at suppliers such as

Natto is not just for breakfast

Natto is incredibly rich in protein, with this Japanese staple weighing in with almost double the amount of protein that lentils deliver for the same kind of quantity. Natto is used as a breakfast food in the land of the rising sun, and prepared in a maki roll or with some sushi rice. The product of fermenting soybeans can also be used within stir fries, baked goods or curries.

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