Is Mail-Order Produce The Future of Food?

Browsing on the internet nowadays, you’ll find pretty much anything you’re looking for, delivered to your home within a few hours or days. From fine wines to organic, health-conscious snack boxes and vegetable crates that are perfect for a busy family, mail-order produce is increasing in popularity as we all lead busier lifestyles, you can even get online cake delivery, great for the last minute parties..  But is buying your produce online really the way towards a healthier, happier lifestyle, and will it take over from shopping at your local butchers or supermarket altogether in the future?

Mail-order snacking

UK based company Graze was started by 7 friends, who all shared a love of snacking.  The concept of healthy snacks in the form of ‘Graze boxes’ quickly came about, and the team started working on ways to get their boxes into the hands of busy professionals and secret snackers across the country.  The idea is simple; come up with a range of tempting, tasty yet healthy snacks to suit all tastebuds, advertise them online and allow people to choose which ones they like the sound of.  Pay a small monthly fee and have Graze boxes delivered to you regularly, at home or at work.  These boxes usually contain a variety of snacks, and you can rate the ones you receive, whether you’re a fan of their cheese cashews and chilli rice crackers or love their ‘Afternoon Tea’ range with a slice of carrot cake or wedge of sticky toffee pudding.  Graze have revolutionised mail order snacking, and part of their appeal is the ability to customise your box to suit your tastes and dietary needs!

Mail-order wine

Wine connoisseurs are not likely to be fans of huge mail-order catalogues where you can bulk-buy cases of Blossom Hill to your heart’s content.  Far more likely to appeal are companies such as Hedonism Wines based in the heart of Mayfair, London, where you’ll find some of the finest wines and receive advice from staff including former sommeliers from some of London’s top Michelin starred restaurants.  You can opt for speedy delivery within an hour for London postcodes, and they also offer UK and worldwide deliveries, with tastings available at their London premises.

Mail-order meat and fish

Whilst you probably won’t regularly order meat and fish online, it’s ideal for a special gift or occasions such as Christmas.  Companies such as The Chesil Smokery (also featured on high end online directory Beyond Bespoke) offer a range of smoked fish, poultry and other meats and they pride themselves on using the very finest ingredients, from local, ecological and ethical sources.  Their range is made up of boxes at various price points, which you can adjust to suit your tastes, so whether you’re looking for hot smoked mackerel fillets or would prefer a full side of unsliced smoked salmon, you can add it to your box.  Their boxes are beautifully packaged and are also a great idea for a gift.

With us all leading busier lives than ever before, mail-order food is only set to increase in popularity as wider ranges than ever before are available online from high-end luxury retailers.

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