How To Make Amazing Hog Roast Crackling

When done right, crackling can be absolutely… cracking! It provides a salty and irresistible flavour with that moorish crunch. It’s a huge part of a great hog roast in Guildford, so don’t waste that precious fatty layer when you hold your next hog roast event. Here’s how to make amazing hog roast crackling:

Score your hog – Take a sharp carving knife and score quarter inch scores all over the body of the hog. These cuts should be between 1/4-1/2 inch apart, but no closer or further apart, this will stop the skin from going leathery rather than crunchy. You should also aim to have the cuts parallel to stop the skin peeling off. Unlike when you score the meat on your sunday roast, make sure that you don’t use criss-cross cuts, as this is likely to fall of your hog roast and into the grease pool – leaving it inedible. When you score your hog, be sure that you are cutting deep enough; through the skin and just into the fatty layer. This is crucial.

Prepare your baste oil – We have found that a lovely and simple lemon and oil baste works wonders. Mix the juice of 6 whole lemons with a litre of cooking oil (of your choice). Stir with an extra large basting brush (or even a new household paint brush) to emulsify the mixture.

Paint your hog all over – Use your basting oil to paint your hog all over. Push the mixture deep into the scores.

Rub with coarse salt – This is the step that is going to make your crackling both incredibly crunchy and so tasty! Use your hands to rub coarse salt over the entire hog skin, working well into the cuts and scores.

Add another drizzle and another pat of salt – Use most of the remaining baste to drizzle over the salted skin. Take most of the remaining salt and pat all over the hog.

Cook – cook your hog in your hog roaster or on the spit as normal.

Shear and serve – when it’s time to serve up your crackling, use kitchen shears and act quickly (so that you can continue roasting the meat further without losing heat). Cut into bite size pieces. Voila!