How to Improve Your Cooking By Using An Electric Meat Grinder

An electric meat grinder is a type of meat grinder, which is powered by electricity and is suitable for people who grind meat regularly. It usually works well for people who also grind large quantities of meat. It is more expensive than the other types (manual meat grinders and meat grinder attachments). Before you pay focus on how to use this type of meat grinder as it’s very important that you know the basic parts.

The Parts

An electric meat grinder consists of the following basic parts:

  • The pusher and hopper: This is where you add cubes of meat. The pusher is designed to push the meat down the feed tube and keep things going. There exists a tray on top of the feed tube that allows storage of extra meat before forcing it into the grinder. If the tray is large, it allows grinding of bigger batches of meat.
  • The screw: Thisis the main working part of the grinder. It steadily pushes meat into the shaft and downwards to the blades.
  • The blade and plate: They are what do the actual grinding. It is a small cross-shaped piece with a sharp edge on each arm that rotates against the plate, which is a flat piece of metal with holes. While the screw forces the meat into this hole, the blade does cut it into a fine mince of meat. The fineness of the final grind is determined by the size of the holes.
  • The cover: This is used to keep the blade and plate in place as it chops the meat.

The basic parts explained above are primarily crucial for anyone who wants to use an electric meat grinder. The next step now goes to the actual process of grinding meat. The following steps are keywhen using the grinder;

  1. Put the meat in a freezer to be ground for 20 minutes. This makes cutting the meat into cubes for the grinder easier.
  2. Then cut the meat using a sharp knife into small pieces. Bring the cubes back into the freezer until you get the grinder set up.
  3. Ensure the grinder is secured onto a table or counter top with a clamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Then place a large bowl or tray beneath the exit spout of the grinder thereafter.
  5. Quickly turn the machine on and begin putting cubes into the feed tube. Make use of the plunger that came with the machine to press the meat onto the grinder screw.
  6. Then continue to feed meat into the feed tube until all the meat is ground.
  7. Change the cutting blades on the grinder to a finer blade if the grinder machine is equipped with multiple blades for similar purpose. Then repeat the grinding process with the coarsely ground meat.

Hopefully, you have understood the above procedure. However, there are afew things that should be kept in mind while grinding:

  • Keep everything cold.
  • Do the trimming of your meat well.
  • Watch out for smearing.
  • Keep your blade sharp.
  • Keep your plate clean as well.
  • Grind from large to small die.
  • Salt meat for sausages before grinding and
  • The meat for burgers afterforming the burgers.