How to Eat Healthy at Denny’s and the Original Pancake House

Most experts agree that a complete, well-balanced breakfast is one of the best ways to start any morning off, especially if you are looking to maintain a healthy overall weight. Many busy individuals today don’t have the time to make themselves a hearty breakfast in the morning, and decide that breakfast on-the-go is the easiest way to start their day. However, if you are trying to count calories and eat healthy, it can be difficult to eat out for breakfast and still make healthy choices. Fortunately, we have taking a look at many breakfast restaurants nutrition information and found how dieters can eat healthy even at two of the most unlikely establishments: Denny’s and the Original Pancake House. Even at these popular eateries, there are ways to eat healthy low-calorie meals.


Healthy Breakfast Options at Denny’s

Denny’s is one of the most popular breakfast food chains in the United States. A look at the breakfast restaurant nutrition information of today’s leading establishment shows that Denny’s actually has quite a few different healthy options. The restaurant’s low fat yogurt is just 160 calories, four Weight Watcher Points and has only 1.5 grams of fat. This can be enjoyed as a snack or a side item. This can be enjoyed on its own or paired with the restaurant’s seasonal fruit cup. For breakfast fans that love the taste of bacon but don’t want all of the extra calories, Denny’s has their turkey bacon strips. They have a similar taste to traditional bacon and have only 100 calories.

Denny’s also has egg white available instead of traditional eggs. Virtually any menu item that has eggs can be substituted for egg whites. These egg whites have only 50 calories and 5 calories from fat. This can help any person cut a number of unnecessary calories from their morning meal. Another filling option on the Denny’s menu is the restaurant’s oatmeal dish. This is a popular breakfast item that can keep people full all morning long, and Denny’s now offers oatmeal on their menu.

Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House has been a family-favorite breakfast restaurant for many years. In addition to their famous selection of pancakes, the establishment also has a number of healthy items on their menu. Diners can start their morning off with a cup of the restaurant’s Old Fashion Oatmeal. The restaurant also has an impressive selection of fruit, including their sliced bananas, fresh grapefruit, fresh seasonal berries and their in-season melons, which can be enjoyed as main dishes or side items. Diners can also enjoy a side of cinnamon applesauce with any of their meals.

The menu at the Original Pancake House, also has their fresh vegetarian omelette. This omelette can be enjoyed with regular eggs, egg whites or low-cholesterol egg substitutes. For a heartier breakfast option, that is still a lower-calorie entree, there is the Fresh Fruit Continental Crepe. This crepe has less than 500 calories, features just 13 Weight Watcher Points and is low in fat. While the crepe isn’t the healthiest option on the menu it still saves tons of calories when compared to other items such as pancakes, bacon and egg crepes and skillets.

Eating out for breakfast can sometimes be a challenge, as many of today’s breakfast restaurants are known for serving greasy food. However, if you are aware of some of the healthier options available at places like Original Pancake House and Denny’s, you can actually enjoy a healthy breakfast while on-the-go.

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