Delicious Choices in Pizza Toppings – A few Suggestions

If you want to enjoy a pizza that’s a bit more exciting than the standard cheese option, then you luckily have a lot of quality topping options available to you. The addition of mouthwatering toppings can truly mean the difference between a pizza that’s ordinary versus one that’s simply out of this world.

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People who are big fans of ‘meaty’ and filling foods may appreciate meatball toppings on pizzas. If you cook meatballs, slice them up and add a bit of olive oil, basil and pecorino cheese, you could end up with a tasty pie that’s truly something.

Pineapple and Ham

A simple way to jazz up a pizza and give it an exotic — and absolutely delicious — Hawaiian flair is to top it off with some sliced pineapple pieces and ham, just like the pizza catering menu from The Roasting Pig. When you top pizza with pineapple and ham, you end up with a pleasant combination of juicy sweet and savory — not bad at all.

Mushrooms and Pepperoni

More conventional pizza topping choices aren’t too shabby, either. If you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned pepperoni pizza but want to add a little bit more to the equation, you might want to consider introducing some sauteed mushrooms to the pie, as well. The combination of mushrooms and pepperoni on pizza can prove to be hearty, filling and just plain delectable.

Chicken, Pepperoni and Ham

People who truly can’t get enough of meat can go a little further than meatballs, too. If you adore meat on your pizza and are a fan of a bit of variety, you may want to top your pie with a blend of chopped chicken, sliced pepperoni and sliced ham. With all of these options in meat, you’ll definitely walk away from your pizza meal more than satisfied.

Eggs and Bacon

If you’re a true fan of breakfast foods and want to bring that to other meals, then it may be a fun idea to top your pizza with eggs and bacon. Some scrambled eggs and bacon can do a lot for the taste of a pizza. Cheeses that go well with egg and bacon pizzas include both mozzarella and brie, too. If you’re interested in the idea of having pizza for brunch, then you might want to think about whipping up an egg and bacon pie.

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