Chinese Health Theory and Its Relationship With Food

It is widely used during the 5000 years, the Chinese people, that you are looking for the secrets of treatment and medical health in food has been demonstrated.

This is not an exaggeration. We Looking back in the history of China, we can see that in the kitchen of the royal family of China emperor of all, there was a medical consultant to assist the chef.

In theory, if you are very similar to traditional Chinese medicine, of course, this kind of “treatment of food-based” is not suitable for medical emergencies. However, it goes a long way to provide long-term benefits. Stomach problems some mild may be cured via a drug, for example, they also can be treated by avoiding certain types of food through appropriate eating habits effectively I could. With it if you can find the another, you so, please do not take medicine.

Today, in order from the past to recover the “healthy eating”, it is endemic in China. Meaning of ‘healthy eating’ is different from a normal thing in English here. This is not about being or eat healthy food, have healthy eating habits, but it refers to ‘giving a boost nutritious needs of the body’ rather, or it mitigate the health problems eating a certain dishes to.

People started looking at the recipe “health ‘valuable of all these from the past, with tracking. Today thousands of people, in a Chinese restaurant specializing in this kind of special dishes back there a few years ago Yes, restaurant typical of many other have started including some of their menu.

If you go to the stores or online book, is everywhere the word ‘Yang Sheng’. ‘So as to maintain a healthy life, in order to prevent disease because it is understood that generally have a healthy long life, increase the strength of the body. ‘Growth life, and existence,’ Sheng ‘means;’ Yan ‘means’ maintenance, problem of long-term care, nutrition body’.

If you want to return it 50 years ago, it was that (for example), the most important food everyday people enough, to have been living very poor, trend of this food can be understood. Well, the situation is completely different, all kinds of food is so rich in the market, things ‘Royal’ recipe of the emperor, there is no ‘unreachable’ anymore also, through all the seasons. Food culture has been ‘renovated’ definitely.

Special recipes of these, you may be different from what we want to prepare on a daily basis. Method of combining the ingredients are different, so it is a method of combining other dishes from one meal. Sometimes, it is possible that it is not very expensive, you will find some of the ingredients are easy, others are sold in the market, there is food for them just at a very reasonable price.

Need to be an expensive component as well as mushrooms rare some wild, have a specific way (including other components) or combination cooking, and if not, they are expected You may not have any profit. And inexpensive ingredients, might have a high value of equal nutritional value to more expensive case, cooked in the right way with the correct combination. and if the combination is wrong, there are times when it is not getting the ideal results you. For example, it is said beef and lamb, and good for nutrition blood in the body, but then, if you can take on fresh redness, you have a watermelon, then, we will reduce the profits from beef and lamb You can be.

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