5 Ways to Recognize Real Organic Products from Fake Ones

Everyone would love to consume products that are 100 percent natural and free from any kind of harmful pesticides. In fact, this is why most people rush to organic stores to buy their groceries, vegetables, and fruits. But how sure are you about the quality of the organic products that you choose? Are you sure they are genuinely organic?

Unfortunately, the trend of organic products and most importantly the premium price that people are willing to pay for these products has given rice to many scammers who are trying to pass off conventional products as organic ones.

Here are a few ways to identify genuine organic products from the fake ones:

They may not look so shiny and smooth

Organic food products may not have the same appeal as that of the conventional produce. They may be dull in color with odd shapes without any spray paints or wax. They will have that unfinished or rustic look with unique edges and bumps. If the produce is uniform in color with a smooth and shiny look it may not be organic.

They may not come with a long shelf life

Conventional produce are loaded with pesticides and preservatives. The chemicals in them repel insects and last for long. Organic products, on the other hand, are free of preservatives. Hence it is better to buy these products in small quantities instead of storing them in bulk. This way you can enjoy full benefits of their nutrition and safety, without worrying about wastage.

The smell is a giveaway

Authentic organic produce is always fresh and fragrant when compared to conventional produce. Although regular food is primped and preened for better appearance, its fragrance may not be as potent as that of organic. This is another way of identifying real organic stuff from fake.

The taste is better

Real organic produce tastes far better than conventional produce since it is rich in nutrients, especially if you are buying herbs and spices. With lesser quantities of these you can make tastier and healthier meals. Also, since they retain their oil well you may not have to use too much oil for cooking. You feel fuller faster as you get more amounts of nutrients with each morsel.

You may spot a worm or two

This is quite common in real organic vegetables and fruits since no pesticides are used while growing them. The chances are that the fruit may be too ripe or even a little rotten at times. You can wash it thoroughly, remove the rotten part, and use it if you can. If worm-infested throw it away and ask the store for a refund.

Considering the kind of demand that exists for good quality organic food, there is no dearth of organic providers and organic products today. You can find them in every locality of almost every city, across the world. However, you have to make sure the products you buy are genuinely organic so that you can get full value for your money.

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